lunes, 16 de julio de 2018

Facebook reveals how it filters your porn content

Facebook reveals how it filters your porn content
Many of us have found it impossible to watch a video that your friends just shared on Facebook. This is because they are usually adult content, that is, free porn that Facebook does not want to satisfy the likes of this kind of people. They consider that this is not the ideal place for this, which is why they do not stop and are against this type of  ver videos porno xxx gratis

In this little article, we reveal the techniques they use to fight porn in the social network. His internal plan contains up to 100 manuals or guides on what a good moderator of the social network should do. They do not want to give a lot of details because here they might skip the rules, but this site has achieved one of the most popular measures that make the work almost 100% effective.

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Indeed, Facebook receives alluvium of this type of content, although it is a public place where your friends and family can see your activity. People do not cut themselves and share sex videos from pages like iXXX without any problem. So we do a little review of the best sites to find sexual content:
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